Here's the simple premise behind this series: Nothing is separate. Every human, plant, animal, and element is interconnected. Separation is impossible. All of our needs and desires are constantly mingling with the needs and desires of everything else.

Is it possible to visualize this interaction? Despite science confirming our physical interconnectedness in time and space, the convergence of our identities remains mostly invisible to us. But being able to imagine this interaction might be essential for humanity’s progress and survival—even if it appears, at first glance, to be messier than the tidy paradigm of competition that we’ve been taught to uphold.

After all, if we are truly connected, then kindness is the only action that makes sense. Because to hate or harm or destroy someone or something else is to hate or harm or destroy yourself. The energy comes back to you. To fear something else is to fear yourself. You are not self-contained.

Can we accept that reality?

Can we accept that kindness can be the only way?

Can we stop denying our deep impulses toward compassion and generosity and love?

Can we embrace the scary differences and imperfections of ourselves and others in the service of caring and cooperation?

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