Secrets From a Church Basement: The Desperate Diary of Fresco Ayers


The Ten Commandments according to Fresco Ayers:

1. Beware of old men who like bunny rabbits.

2. Stay away from bunny rabbits, period.

3. Never worship anyone who doesn't enjoy talking dirty in the presence of a holy man.

4. Save plenty of money for art supplies, lest you spend eternity cleaning the smell of Parmesan off of scary statues.

5. Take "God's word" with a pinch of salt and a shot of tequila.

6. Enjoy stale pancakes while you still have the chance.

7. Don't fear the local cops; they're suckers for make-believe authority figures.

8. Keep in touch with those you love or lose your ability to touch them forever.

9. Always carry a recording device.

10. If you're going to try changing the world, you better be ready for the world to surprise you.

No, Ayers does not consider himself a man of faith. Yes, he might be a little crazy. But the events that he began documenting in the spring of 2011 should concern all of us.

After all, it's not every day that a respected biophysicist changes his name, goes into hiding, and grows desperate to share a story that few will ever believe but everyone will be affected by.

Every effort has been made to reproduce his diary entries as faithfully as possible. Audio recordings and images are also provided for some of the sounds and artwork he mentions.

That's it. The rest comes straight from Fresco Ayers, a name that is sure to live on for millennia. (Assuming, of course, that we survive that long.)