Secrets from a Church Basement: The Desperate Diary of Fresco Ayers

Table of Contents


  1. Insanity Will Be My First Defense
  2. Your Senses Require No Apology
  3. Earless Rabbits and "A Gift From Lucy"
  4. Confusion, Catharsis, and Emotional Cannibalism
  5. Monster Sex and Fire in the Confessional
  6. Kiss My Rumpus Detective Studefrummtice!
  7. Innocent Sinners Have More Fun
  8. Can a Priest Be a Devil?
  9. Blood Bubble Impedes Man of the Cloth
  10. Unforgettable Ignorance
  11. The Sun Giveth, but the Son Taketh Away
  12. Churchy Chitchat Really Chafes
  13. An Unexpected Ally: Everything's About to Change
  14. Desperation Is a Cardinal Mistake
  15. A Prayer for the Overwhelmed
  16. Circular Clues Like This Can't Lead to Heaven
  17. This Circular Hurt Like Hell
  18. Packing for the Vatican
  19. Dead and Back Again
  20. The Bells That Have Me By the Balls
  21. A Foundation of Youth (If You Can Stand the Aftertaste)
  22. The Echoes of a Blank Mind
  23. A Real Crap Shoot
  24. To Be a Fool
  25. Beautiful Fear and a Spook Most Near
  26. Utopia, Never
  27. Nails in the Water
  28. God Is…
  29. Dry Hints and a Sobering Hostage Crisis
  30. Godless Whispers: Monster Sex Part Deux
  31. If a Pill Is to Swallow…
  32. Cacophony in My Closet, Darkness in My Head
  33. A Thing That Cannot Be
  34. Stuffed Apostle of a Coming Resurrection
  35. Easter Morning Terror
  36. The Silence Provokes
  37. Love in Chains
  38. Adam's Rabbits on the March
  39. The Godawful Rhyme That Ate Mother Goose
  40. Failed Alchemy of a Phony Heathen?
  41. Left for Dread?
  42. That Piper's Gonna Pay!
  43. Into the Closet, Out of My Mind
  44. Apology for the Coming Attractions
  45. A Warning From the Candy Man
  46. Righteous Anticipation
  47. The Best Laid Plans
  48. A Sermon to Make You Gag
  49. Poisoned by Wanderlust
  50. Madness in the Afterglow
  51. The Ritual of Rats, Bats, and Three-Eyed Cats
  52. Cynical Sentiments and Sacred Centipedes
  53. A Killing?
  54. Adrift
  55. Hallowed Be Thy Quackery
  56. Dr. Buttercup and the Coughing Creepers
  57. Naked Exit By Man of the Cloth
  58. The Sinner With the Marble Eye
  59. An Untested Sermon
  60. Cult of 1
  61. Be With Me
  62. The Bad Man Rises
  63. Crazier Than Cornbread?
  64. The Tragic Amusement of Scurrying Albinos
  65. Grace Behind the Flames
  66. A Miracle Swimming in Black
  67. Interview With a Basement Butterfly
  68. Strawberry Milkshake Exorcism
  69. 22 Silent Sundays